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Payment software

Our focus is on delivering cutting-edge IT solutions to financial companies, however TECHNO specializes in developing, implementing, and maintaining the technologies specifically tailored for credit card processing systems and TECHNO can deliver tailored solutions that meet the specific needs and challenges of financial companies relying on credit card processing systems.

Mobile wallet

Enabling secure and convenient transactions directly from the customer's smartphone. HCE allows the smartphone to emulate a contactless smart card, enabling transactions without the need for a physical card.

Mobile Bank

Offering a comprehensive suite of banking services within the mobile app, empowering financial companies to offer modern, convenient, and secure banking services that meet the evolving needs and expectations of their customers.

Software for EFT POS terminals

    TECHNO's POS software package offers a comprehensive solution tailored to the specific needs of businesses, allowing them to adapt their POS terminals to their unique requirements. Here's how TECHNO's POS software package can benefit businesses:

    1. Customization: The ability to adapt POS terminals to the customer's demands means that businesses can tailor the POS software to their specific needs, whether it's implementing custom payment or loyalty programs, or integrating with other business systems.
    2. Payment and Loyalty Program Support: The POS software package supports any payment or loyalty program business logic, providing businesses with flexibility in implementing their preferred payment and loyalty schemes to enhance customer satisfaction and retention.
    3. Acquiring Features: The inclusion of acquiring features enables businesses to process various payment methods securely and efficiently, supporting seamless transactions for customers.
    4. Integration with Backoffice Hosts: Integration with multiple backoffice hosts allows businesses to streamline their operations by syncing data between the POS terminals and their central management systems, ensuring accurate reporting and inventory management.
    5. Remote Terminal Management (TMS): The TMS functionality enables remote management of POS terminals, including configuration, updates, and troubleshooting. This capability reduces operational costs and minimizes downtime by allowing businesses to manage their terminal network efficiently from a centralized location.
    6. Remote Key Upload: Secure remote key upload functionality ensures that encryption keys are updated and distributed to POS terminals remotely, maintaining the security of transactions and compliance with industry standards.
    7. Cost Reduction: By allowing distant control over the POS terminal network and facilitating remote management, the Terminal Management System helps businesses decrease usage costs and minimize the expenses associated with adding new terminals.

    Overall TECHNO's POS software package empowers businesses to optimize their POS operations, enhance customer experience, and reduce costs through customizable features, robust integration capabilities, and efficient remote management functionalities.

Software for loyalty systems and fuel cards

    A comprehensive Software solution tailored for managing fuel cards and loyalty programs:

    1. Operations Processing: Efficiently handling  the processing of transactions related to both fuel cards and loyalty cards. Managing the authorization, clearing, and settlement of transactions.
    2. Flexible Configuration of Marketing Events: Businesses can easily set up and customize marketing events and promotions within the software. This flexibility allows for targeted marketing campaigns to attract and retain customers.
    3. Integration of Services: The software seamlessly integrates all the necessary services required by the customers of your clients. Including features such as transaction tracking, reporting, customer support, and more.
    4. Monitoring Earnings/ Expenses: Users can track their earnings and expenses associated with their cards, with the added feature of linking transactions to specific locations. This feature enhances transparency and helps users better manage their finances.
    5. Office Purchases: The software facilitates office purchases, allowing businesses to use their cards for a variety of procurement needs, which streamlines purchasing processes and improves operational efficiency.
    6. Remote Card Deactivation: In case of loss or theft, users can remotely deactivate their cards through the software. This feature adds a layer of security and gives users peace of mind knowing they can quickly disable their cards if necessary.
    7. Flexible Limits: Users have the ability to set flexible spending limits on their cards, providing them with control over their expenses while still enjoying the convenience of card payments.

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Mobile applications

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Perm cameras
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Your app

We create modern, intuitive, and attractive mobile applications that incorporate the latest trends and technologies demonstrates a commitment to delivering high-quality experiences to our users.

iOS and Android

iOS and Android

Parallel development and concurrent updates release in order to accelerate the delivery of features, enhancements, and bug fixes while maintaining stability and minimizing conflicts.

Unique design

Unique design

Designing user-friendly interfaces that not only look attractive but also provide a seamless and enjoyable customer.

Native applications

Native applications

We understand the need for tailored solutions for different platforms and systems, rather than relying on cross-platform or web-based technologies, not every situation can be addressed with a one-size-fits-all solution.  Each platform may have its own nuances and capabilities that warrant custom development to fully leverage them.



Conducting tests at various stages, from the initial design phase to the final release, in order to identify and address issues early on, reducing the likelihood of major problems later down the line.

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Information systems

Microsoft SQL Server

We will conduct a thorough analysis of your business requirements, devise a tailored solution, meticulously document the process, execute the solution implementation, and provide ongoing support to ensure seamless operations in production.

Loyalty solutions

Our team of highly skilled experts will offer consultancy services, devise a tailored solution, and execute the implementation of a loyalty program aimed at customer retention and the expansion of their options and services. Additionally, we will assist in crafting and implementing all requisite controls to guarantee the security of information throughout the operation of the loyalty program.

Internal systems and services

Leveraging our distinctive expertise, we'll streamline your company's business processes, ensuring transparency, simplicity, and convenience. Through the integration of cutting-edge technologies, we'll optimize internal operations, offering solutions ranging from partial to comprehensive automation.

Business solutions

Our expertise lies in crafting bespoke software solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of our clients. These solutions automate business processes, thereby enhancing operational efficiency and elevating the standard of customer service to unprecedented level.